GTA 5: Who Is Pulling Our Leg

The fans seem to be convinced that a story base DLC for the single-player mode of Grand Theft Auto 5 is just around the corner but is it really?

The rumor started after fans claimed that some files in the framework of the game indicated that the Story base DLC is on its way. The rumor was fueled by the Instagram post of Shawn Fonteno. The actor who plays Franklin in the game posted an image of himself sitting in the Rockstar office wearing a motion tracking suit.

Either he really is working on something with Rockstar or he posted an old picture to confused the fans. Ned Luke, the voice actor for Michael De Santa later came out to claim that he does not know anything about a story base DLC. So who is pulling our leg now?

Fans have been asking for a story base DLC for the longest time now but all the DLC we got so far are for the online multiplayer mode.


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