GTA 5: What’s Your Special Crate Item?

Players on GTA 5’s multiplayer mode are being treated to a random reward from Rockstar. The game developer is making it rain special crate in Los Santos and players are crowding the lobby just to claim their random reward.

In detail, Rockstar is dropping crates at random areas in the map and players and crews will all rush to the dropping zone and claim as much item as possible. Even so, most of the crates contain a red t-shirt and have nothing more to offer.

On the other hand, some players revealed that they manage to grab a Supa Wet beer hat. Another group of players shared that they received Vivisection t-shirts. If the pattern is to follow, it seems that the items are changing with every wave of crates dropped.

Rockstar further got the GTA Online community excited as they keep on Tweeting the content of the crates right after deploying them in GTA 5. As such, the best method to get the gift fast is for players to stay on GTA Online while also monitoring Rockstar’s Twitter account.


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