GTA 5: What’s The Story

So will we be getting a story base DLC for GTA 5 or not? Fas have been hoping that Rockstar would actually create a story based DLC for the single player mode but so far, nothing yet and since Rockstar has yet to deny or confirm any rumor about the story base DLC some fans are saying that it will eventually arrive but maybe not in the near future.

Some fans also added that files in the framework of the game indicate that the game will get a story base DLC. The actor for the Franklin also posted an image of him wearing a motion tracking suit which many are saying is a hint that they are working on a new story base DLC. However, other were not that convince saying that the image could have been taken when he was working on the game a few years ago.

The voice actor for Micheal De Santa also added that he does not know anything about a single players DLC that Rockstar is working on.


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