GTA 5: What’s For Tomorrow?

The popularity of GTA 5 has been restored after Rockstar launched the highly anticipated Heist DLC to the game. With the DLC, players can get together with their friends on GTA Online and perform a heist in the game.

However, the arrival of Heist DLC has got everyone wondering on what next for GTA 5? Rumours are rife in indicating that a casino-themed DLC is already in production and it will be introducing casino mini-games in GTA 5.

With the tentatively titled Casino DLC, players can get together in GTA 5’s multiplayer mode and gamble their wealth with other players. The casino DLC will definitely give players an opportunity to get rich or to go bust through gambling.

While it all sounds exciting, nobody has a clue on when the Casino DLC will be released to GTA 5. Talks on the Casino DLC have already persisted since last year so we can expect it to be ready before GTA 5’s second anniversary in Q3 this year.

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