GTA 5 Update: Play As An Animal!

GTA 5 is full of great things. The game comes out with a superb plot, plenty of missions to play, easter eggs and also simulations. Speaking of the latter, GTA 5 is no longer just about being an alternative to flight simulator. It is now also an animal simulator.

This is a confirmed feature in GTA 5 for the Xbox One and PS4. It is discovered that consuming the Peyote Plants will turn the player into a chicken, seagull or a pigeon. The best part is that there is no time limit when in the mode but there is a health meter.

If the bird is to get shot down or killed in flight, it will mark the end of the simulation session. Furthermore, playing as a bird comes with an added function where players can poop all over Los Santos. Of course, doing so will raise the wanted levels.

It is also worth noting that the Peyote Plants are very limited and won’t respawn in the game. In the total, players can collect 27 Peyote Plants, thus granting them 27 simulation sessions. As such, it is best to consume the plants wisely and make the most out of being a bird.


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