GTA 5: There’s More In PS4 Than PS3

Back in November last year, Rockstar launched GTA 5 on both the Xbox One and PS4. However, it is wrong to see the game as something that is identical to GTA 5 for the older-generation consoles.

The PS4 version of GTA 5, in particular, comes with a host of brand new features that makes the game more exciting than before. For starters, players can enjoy playing the game on first-person view. This particular feature allows player to indulge in the world of GTA 5 rendered at native 1080p.

In addition to that, GTA 5’s multiplayer mode on the PS4 features a larger lobby. In detail, players can participate in an online session with 29 other gamers at once. Back on the PS3, the number of players a lobby can cater is only limited to 16.

As such, players on the older gen consoles shouldn’t hold in upgrading GTA 5 to that of the PS4. Doing so will have its rewards too as Rockstar has confirmed that players will get exclusive GTA 5 content if they port over to the newer gen consoles. Furthermore, Rockstar is throwing $500,000 to players on PS4’s GTA Online.

The rewards are simply endless when GTA 5 players ports over to the PS4 version of the game. There is simply no mistake in doing so. Besides, support for GTA 5 on the PS3 is reaching an end soon while the PS4 version is far from it.


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