GTA 5: Streets Are Safer With Robocop Around

If there is a game that everyone can never get tired of, it is GTA 5. The title came out with so much to offer and this is continuously updated with many new contents on a quarterly basis. There are also fan-made contents made available through GTA 5’s Social Club.

We were browsing through the fan-made contents yesterday and discovered an interesting addition called Robocop. Apparently, the content adds in the fictional characters from the Robocop franchise in to the game.

In detail, the fan-made content turns the law enforcers in GTA 5 into robots. Furthermore, players will be able to get robot bodyguards when roaming across the streets of Los Santos. Of course, committing a crime will see robot machines going weapons free on the players.

Clearly, this is a marvellous addition and it is worth an official creation from Rockstar. Imagine GTA 5 coming with a mode where everything turns futuristic and robot law enforcers runs the street. That will definitely be a spectacular sight.

With that being said, we would love to see Rockstar producing a full-fledged content involving fictional characters from popular franchises.