GTA 5: Story DLC Hopes Dashed

Fans of the game Grand Theft Auto 5 thought that this was it and that after waiting for so long, they will be given a story based DLC for the single-player mode of the game.

The rumor started after some fans spotted some files in the framework of the game that suggest that a story based DLC is on its way. The revealed was followed by Shawn Fonteno’s Instagram post showing himself sitting in the Rockstar office wearing a motion tracking suit.

All these suggest that a story base DLC is really on its way but Ned Luke, the voice actor behind the character Micheal De Santa later came out to clarify that he knew nothing about a single player DLC.

As of now, we have not heard Rockstar mentioned anything about a single player DLC in the works and the image of Shawn Fonteno could have been taken when he was working on the game. Do you think there will be a story base DLC for GTA 5?


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