GTA 5 Users Find Way To Spawn Content Creator Props For Online Sharing

Just recently, we spotted some players abusing the content creator to cause a disturbance in GTA Online. After a thorough investigation, we have uncovered the glitch that these players have been exploiting.

This glitch allows players to use the props in Content Creator and bring it onto a live lobby. As for the players mentioned above, they have been causing a great deal of annoyance by placing the props in front of other player’s garages.

To spawn the crops on the other hand is no walk in the park. A lot of investment is required to exploit this glitch. Read on the instructions which will reveal more about this exploitation.

1. In your apartment, surf the net on the mobile phone.
2. Over at the bank’s webpage, the player will have to withdraw all his cash.
3. Once done, head to Dynasty 8’s website and highlight the purchase property button for the Eclipse Towers apartment.
4. Upon doing so, hold start for a few seconds and release it. As soon as you release the start button, quickly tap A/X.
5. If done correctly, you will notice the glitch taking effect with the Pause menu overlapping the exit to the game store menu.
6. Press B/Circle to unpause and you should see the exit to GameStore menu.
7. Hold start for a few seconds again and tap A/X.
8. Once done, quickly select the creator beta or sign up for the Social Club if you have yet to do so.

After going through the process, you should be able to add in the props into the game. However, please be responsible as many other players are clearly upset with this. If there is one glitch that Rockstar needs to patch, it is this one.

If you have difficulties with the process, you can refer to the video tutorial:

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