GTA 5: Rockstar Has No Story To Tell

Fans of the game GTA 5 were hoping that Rockstar would have more stories for the single-player mode of the game but so far, Rockstar have not mentioned anything about a story based DLC for the single player mode leading many to believe that a story base DLC was never part of Rockstars plans.

Some fans thought that the story base DLC was coming when some of spotted some files in the framework of the game that indicated that a Story base DLC is on its way. The rumor was followed up by an Instagram post by Shawn Fonteno, the voice actor of the character Franklin.

He posted an image of himself wearing a motion tracking suit sitting in the Rockstar office. Many fans believe that the image was a hint that they are working on a story base DLC right now but Ned Luke, the voice actor for Micheal De Santa later mentioned that he knows nothing about a single player DLC.


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