GTA 5 Robocop Roaming In San Andreas!

GTA 5 might have yet to make its debut on the PC but that didn’t stop the players from creating new contents for the game through the Content Creator. As of today, there are tons of fan-made contents and missions available on GTA Online.

It might be difficult to browse through on what to do in the GTA 5’s multiplayer mode due to the tons of mode added at the Content Creator but we managed to stumble across something exceptional.

It appears that someone has developed a Robocop Mod for GTA 5 and it will add in Robots in the streets of Los Santos. Players can control the bot directly, let it play bodyguard for your character or just let it go on a complete rampage.

As fun as it sounds, the Robocop Mod is still pretty limited with its offerings. Nevertheless, the robots managed to keep us busy for a long time and we highly encourage other players to look for it.


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