GTA 5 PS4 Exclusive Features You Didn’t Know About

GTA 5 might be a multi-platform title that is also available on the older-gen consoles but it is still best to play the game on the latest Sony PS4. This is because the PS4’s version of GTA 5 has some extra features and perks that most players are not aware of.

For starters, players can indulge in first person camera mode to give them the best simulation of Las Santos. With the PS4 running at native 1080p, GTA 5 looks splendid and players can appreciate the graphics which the game has to offer.

Furthermore, players from the PS3 version of the game that has ported GTA 5 over to the PS4 will also get exclusive content offered by Rockstar. The game developer has already confirmed that players are able to play Michael in an exclusive LA Noire styled mission.

Then there is the GTA 5 Online mode which is much more fun on the PS4. This is because the PS4 version of the game mode can cater up to 30 players in a single lobby instead of being limited to 16 players like how it is on the PS3.

Furthermore, making the jump from the PS3 to PS4 version of GTA 5 will reward players with all the perks from the PS3. Among them is $500,000 of extra funds and also every add-on that are available for free.


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