GTA 5 PC Issues: How To Fix Crashes

GTA 5 has finally arrived on the PC and this has put the game back at the number 1 spot in the charts for being the bestselling title right now. Unfortunately, many gamers are facing an issue when installing the game as the continuously receive the Code 1 error prompt.

Even so, Rockstar has already revealed that they are working on a fix for this and the temporary resolution is for gamers to create a new administrator user account on the Windows platform.

The other major issue with installation is with Steam which often crashes. This cannot be helped as GTA 5 requires a lot of space for installation. The common work around for this is for the players to relocate Steam’s directory to a temporary new folder just for GTA 5.

It is pretty unfortunate that GTA 5 received a rocky launch on the PC but once the players weathered the storm, they will be able to fully enjoy the game with peace in their mind.


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