GTA 5 PC: Awesome Redefined!

GTA 5 has already been released on the PC and the intriguing bit is that the game is so much better than the ones on the consoles. This is because PC GTA 5 has tons of more features than those on the Xbox One and PS4.

For starters, GTA 5 on the PC can be played at a higher resolution instead of being fixed to 1080p. PC gamers should know that GTA 5 runs at 4K on the platform. Of course, this is provided if the PC comes with some high-end hardwares.

Then, there is the fact that GTA 5 on the PC can be modded. In other words, the game will never run out of content since you can easily update it with something from your head. As of today, there are already many mods available namely the Superman mod and also the Tsunami mod.

This basically seals the fact that GTA 5 is best played on the PC. It basically offers the ultimate GTA experience around and it single-handedly redefine awesome.


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