GTA 5 Online: How Can You Have Fun If Everyone’s A Trevor?!

GTA 5 Online is possibly the best open world online gameplay out right now. With GTA 5 already so good, playing with real people would naturally just be more fun. Or so I thought.

In GTA 5, you’re the boss. You can predict the moves of the AI characters. But in GTA 5 Online, everybody is a homicidal maniac.

For instance, I was looking for a scooter buddy to take around and show all the cool places I discovered as well as quick ways to rob liquor stores and such. However whenever I jumped on a scooter and drove up to any of the other players in GTA Online, I was shot and my scooter hijacked. Now it isn’t so bad as it is quite easy to find another scooter but after around 5 to 6 times, it got a little annoying.

It was the seventh time that things worked out. A player actually sat on the scooter without putting his gun to my head and we took a ride around the map. I showed him/her all the places I discovered in the game and the locations of what I thought were hard to find things. It was fun! And everywhere we stopped he or she would take a walk around, almost to show appreciation.

Now I know GTA 5 isn’t about making friends but in GTA Online, it would be nice if we could co-op more than just be Trevors’ and kill each other on sight. What do you think?

Steven Estevez

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