GTA 5: No Hope For Franklin and Micheal?

Fans of the popular game GTA 5 were hoping that Rockstar would come out with a new DLC for the single player mode and continues with the story of the single player characters in the game and while there have been a lot of rumors about the story based DLC, we have not really seen or heard of anything official from Rockstar.

Rockstar never did mention that they plan to release any story base DLC and they seems to be content with releasing DLC for the online mode for now. Fans reported that some files in the framework of the game indicated that a story based DLC is in the works but that is far from a confirmation.

While Shawn Fonteno, the actor that plays Franklin seems to be more than happy to fuel the rumor by posting a picture of him in a motion tracking suit in the Rockstar office. The voice actor behind the character Micheal De Santa were was interested in clearing out the rumors by saying that he does not know anything about a single player DLC in the works.

Do you still want a story base DLC or are you tired of waiting.


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