GTA 5: Heist DLC Nears Debut

Last week, Rockstar broke the hearts of every GTA 5 players on the Xbox 360 and PS3 when the game developer revealed that they will end the support for the title soon. This means that GTA 5 on the older generation console will no longer enjoy any further update or DLC once support has ended.

However, Rockstar assured players that GTA 5 will still be getting a couple of huge DLCs before parting ways with the game developer. While not much was revealed on the future contents that are coming in the game, Rockstar did tease that one of them will be the highly anticipated Heist DLC.

This is further proven by the findings of a hacker, who had just discovered that the Test DLC that resulted in a server blackout for one day was actually the Heist DLC in the works.

On the downside of things, nobody has a clue on when the Heist DLC will be released but players can look forward to it getting released in the coming months. The Heist DLC will be looking to allow players to rob banks in both Single Player mode and Multiplayer mode.


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