GTA 5 For PC Minimum Requirement Is Not Important

GTA 5 is confirmed to be arriving on the PC next month and in a week from now, gamers on the platform will be notified on the minimum requirements to play the highly successful title.

This has caused some nervousness among the gamers as they are unsure if their rig is able to offer the ultimate GTA 5 experience instead of just playing with the basic technical settings. The nerve-wrecking wait for PC GTA 5 has also led one gamer to upgrade his PC RAM to 8GB just for the game.

Then again, having the best PC is not entirely important for the GTA fans. Instead, gamers on the PC should hope for Rockstar to develop GTA 5 for the platform instead of porting it over from the consoles. Otherwise it will result in some problems like stuttering and limitations on the technical front.

After all, the possibilities with a PC are limitless and having a lacklustre GTA 5 will only leave the PC gamers in disappointment. Nevertheless, Rockstar will be announcing the game’s minimum requirement next week before releasing GTA 5 in January 27.


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