GTA 5: Day One Update Take Its Toll On The Players

The problem with most digital games is with the frequent updates needed to ensure a smooth running experience. GTA 5 is no different. The title has just been ported over to the Xbox One and PS4, and it raised many criticisms over the day 1 update.

For those that are unaware of this, players that have pre-purchased a digital copy of GTA 5 will have to undergo an update when running the game. With the vast amount of gamers performing the update at the same time, the speed of the download dropped drastically.

Clearly, the next-gen GTA 5 community is disappointed by this as they have to wait a long while before the game is playable on the Xbox One and PS4. It gets worse when gamers from UK and Australia reported that the download button directs them to the download history page. Rockstar has been notified of the bug and are working on a fix for it.

Until that the fix is released, the affected gamers will be put on a wait before they can start playing GTA 5 on the Xbox One and PS4. This is truly disappointing and frustrating for the players. After all, there is no point to getting the game early if it is playable at a later date.


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