GTA 5: Day One Update Erupts Anger From Players In The UK, Australia & Many More

GTA 5 has finally been ported over to the PS4 and the Xbox One. The game also comes with some new contents, features and also, a much improved graphics. On the downside of things, players that were running their pre-ordered GTA 5 for the first time is facing an issue with the Day One update.

For starters, the update comes with a size of 1.14GB and it doesn’t help when a portion of the players are playing their GTA 5 with an internet quota in mind. Most other players also voiced out that they don’t have the luxury of high speed internet and they are clearly frustrated with the timing of the update.

For both sets of players, all that they were hoping for was to immediately play the game first before deciding to install the Day One update.

UK, Australian and most other players too are facing an issue with the update. It has been revealed to us that selecting the update option will pull out the list of Downloads page on the consoles. There is no way to get around the glitch and this is causing a frustrating delay for the players.

The issue has been brought to Rockstar and the game developer has confirmed that they will be sending out a small time patch very soon. Once it is out, players should be able to apply Day One update before starting on their GTA 5 adventure without any further disturbance.


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