GTA 5: Day One Update Destroys The Need For Pre-Purchase

After so much hype built towards next-gen GTA 5’s release, the game has finally arrived on the Xbox One and PS4. Unfortunately, the excitement died down instantaneously when gamers that have pre-ordered a digital copy of the game got entangled in an issue with GTA 5’s day one update.

In detail, many gamers on the Xbox One and PS4 discovered that they could not initiate GTA 5 without updating the game. To make things worse, tapping on update will link the gamers to their download history page instead of commencing the installation process.

While this may not be the common case here in the US, many gamers from countries like England, Australia, Japan, Singapore and others experienced the issue and are not amused by it.

On the upside of things, Rockstar heard the cries of the players and has hence, launched a small-time patch that will allow GTA 5 to update. Then again, the gamers are gutted by this as they have spent so much to play the game on launching day. Now, it seems that the affected gamers won’t be among the pioneer players of GTA 5 on the Xbox One and PS4.

It seems that this is a growing problem in the gaming industry. With more games going digital, developers have grown complacent with their work, thus, making day one updates an obligatory process. Something has to be done about this.


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