GTA 5: Day One Update Defeats The Purpose Of Pre-Purchase

GTA 5 has finally arrived on the Xbox One and PS4 but it was greeted with many complains instead of praises. Apparently, the negativity has nothing to do with GTA 5’s moral issues but instead, due to the day one update that occurred on launching day.

Apparently, the patch came out with a bug that annoys those that have pre-purchased a digital copy of the game. Regardless of the console they are on, confirming the update prompt will redirect the players to the list of downloaded items instead of commencing the download.

Things got uglier as it took Rockstar more than 24 hours to send out a fix for the bug. For the players that have pre-purchased the game, they ended up playing GTA 5 a day later than those that have purchased the physical copy of the title.

The issue is understood to have affected GTA 5 players from all over the world. Over at GTA 5’s support forum, one can see players from Japan, UK and Australia suffering from the issue.


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