GTA 5: Day One Update Annoys The Gamers

The problem with digital gaming today is that most titles are released when not ready and requires constant updating for stability. Rockstar’s platinum hit title, GTA 5, is no different.

Just recently, it was launched on the Xbox One and PS4 but apparently, GTA 5 offered more disappointments than excitements to the players. It seems that those who pre-ordered a digital copy of GTA 5 are suffering from a faulty day one update that cannot be completed.

In detail, whenever the player tapped on the update button, it will lead to the list of downloaded items on their gaming console instead of commencing the download. After spending so much money to enjoy GTA 5 on day one, players are definitely not amused by the bug.

Of course, the issue has already been addressed by Rockstar after the game developer launched a patch update hours after the complains went aloud. The issue is known to have affected players all over the world including those in the UK and Australia.

With that being said, it makes it all the more necessary for a central gaming governing body to get organized worldwide. Otherwise, the quality of gaming is on a bungee jump with a faulty rope.