GTA 5 Christmas DLC: How Painful Are Them Snowballs??

Christmas season has finally reached an end and what a celebration it has been for players on GTA 5’s multiplayer mode, GTA Online. Throughout the festive period, Rockstar made it rain snow in GTA 5 through an update and it came with tons of special holiday features for players to indulge on.

The list includes new vehicles, new weapons, new fashions and more playable contents. The eye-candy of them all was with the snowball fights which are introduced for players to have fun in hitting each other with soft snow.

Even so, many players were surprised to see that snowballs actually damages their health when hit. Things became hilarious in GTA Online when many players were mocked from dying in a snowball fight.

The other creative introduction was the fireworks gun. The weapon can be owned for free and it was added so that players can ignite the sky in Los Santos with fireworks. Well, the players did just that as they started the 2015 New Year with a bang through spraying explosions over Los Santos’ skyline.

Unfortunately, death was inescapable for some players as they died after being shot by the fireworks gun armed on other players.

On the downside of things, the festive season has reached its end as Rockstar took away the special features through another update which happened yesterday. On the flip side of the coin, the game developer promises to return the features in the next Christmas season.


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