GTA 5 Christmas DLC: Beware, Snowballs Hurt

It is Christmas mood all over again in the world of GTA 5. In light of the public holiday, Rockstar has launched a new DLC for the world’s bestselling game and it comes with tons of new excitements to offer.

For starters, players in GTA 5’s multiplayers mode can now own a third property, a total of a total of 30 cars and 9 bicycles. Also, there are now 4 new vehicles added to GTA 5 and they are the Hot Rod Christmas Ratloader, the Slam Van, the Massacro and the Jester.

For those that are still in the game’s story mode, they can indulge in a host of Christmas-themed facemasks whenever they are plotting a heist.

Furthermore, players can now purchase the Fireworks Launcher and Firework rocket ammo to ignite the sky in the 2015 New Year’s countdown.

The most interesting bit of all is the snowball fight feature. Once the Christmas DLC is added to GTA 5, Los Santos will be covered in snow and players can get together in GTA Online to have friendly snowball fights. It is also important to note that getting hit by the snowball does reduce health.

Of course, there are many more features and fixes coming with the Christmas DLC which players can try on. Rockstar also confirmed that the DLC is already available but unfortunately, it will only last until 5 January 2015. The snow is said to disappear on that date.


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