GTA 5 Cheats & Tips To Get Rich & Survive

When GTA 5 was released a couple of years ago, we managed to share many tips on how to get rich and get reputation in GTA Online fast. Now that GTA 5 is out on the Xbox One and PS4, we are going to share something similar. So if you’re a GTA 5 player on the latest gaming consoles, then check out our tips on how to be successful in the game.

1. Be Sharp
Always take note of your surrounding by monitoring your Mini Map. That way, you can anticipate the dangers around you.

2. Cars
In GTA Online, start off by joining Rockstar’s Social Club. Doing so will reward you with a free Elegy RH8 car.

3. Money
Make it rain money by stealing and selling cars, robbing shops and for GTA Online, making new missions.

4. Heists
The fastest money maker in GTA 5 is through heists and soon, this little feature will be added to GTA Online.

5. Property
Buy properties so you can get garage, rest and also a place where you can call safe.


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