GTA 5 1.16 Update: Time For A Zombie Apocalypse?

Fans of GTA 5 have been smiling none-stop after Rockstar revealed that the heist missions are coming to the multiplayer part of the game. Gamers have been asking Rockstar to include these for a long time and it seems that Rockstar have listened. The heist missions have been popular in the single player game and they have been one of the most requested additions for GTA Online.

Rockstar has now granted the players their wish and they could be about to deliver another thing that gamers want, a zombie DLC with the upcoming 1.16 update.

Rockstar are no stranger to zombies in games as Red Dead Redemption had zombies in the game and it received very well. Gamers are now asking for something similar to appear in GTA 5 with the upcoming 1.16 update.

So for the time being it is in the hands of Rockstar as to whether there is going to be a zombie apocalypse in GTA 5. But the hopes are high.

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