GTA 5 1.14 Update: Heist Remains On The Waiting List

Spring has come to a close and it ended with a bang, thanks to the 1.14 update for GTA 5. The update, called I’m Not A Hipster DLC, adds in more contents to the already great game.

Among them includes the new Dubsta 6×6 vehicle where players can drive and create havoc in the streets of Los Santos. Then again, many players faced an issue where they couldn’t apply the DLC in their game.

Rockstar then revealed that players can only access the Dubsta 6×6 if they are at rank 100. In detail, the vehicle is the only one that can fit in 6 people at one time. This will surely come in handy for crew members to travel together.

Many fans believed that the Hipster DLC will bring the highly anticipated heist content with it but unfortunately, it doesn’t. The new downloadable content appears to be nothing more than a filler to ease the pain of waiting for the actual Heist DLC.

Perhaps, the Dubsta 6×6 could be another key ingredient in the future Heist DLC. Rockstar might want to prepare the stage first before rolling out the red carpet for the highly anticipated content.


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