Grand Theft Auto 6 Announcement “Soon”?

The reports for Take-Two’s first fiscal of 2017 is out. Besides announcing some of their net revenue and top games, Take-Two also reveals some details about Rockstar Games and their upcoming plans.

It was announced that Rockstar Games is currently working on some exciting future project and that the projects will be revealed soon. Of course, we do not when soon is but some fans have bee speculating that the new project could possibly be the GTA 6.

Since they did not say it was a new project, some fans took that as a hint that the project that they are working on could be a franchise. Of course, it could be any one of Rockstars franchise but with the GTA 5 being around for a few years now, some fans think that it is about time we hear something about the next Grand Theft Auto game.

Let’s hope they are right.

Steven Estevez

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