Grand Theft Auto 5 Got Too Carried Away?

The new Grand Theft Auto game is all about the Multiplayer mode now but it wasn’t that way in the past. All we see now are new updates and DLC for the multiplayer model and it does feel like the developers have forgotten and has intentionally ignore the single-player aspect of the game.

Fans have been hoping that Rockstar would release a story based DLC for the single player mode but so far, all we’ve seen are DLC for the multiplayer model. Some fans are saying that Rockstar has abandon the single player mode because they are making more money with the multiplayer mode.

There are other who thinks that Rockstar is working on one and that they are taking a longer time because they want the DLC to be amazing. We are not so convinced that this is the reason for the missing story DLC.

At this point, we would rather see them start working on the next installment. As much as we would like to see a new story DLC, it just feels a little too late now.


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