GoPro Tips & Tricks You Need To Try

When it comes to buying a new video camera, there is no better option than the GoPro. The device might be small and compact but it can capture crisp images and sharp videos, while also being extremely durable at the same time.

Of course, new GoPro users might find it hard to understand on how to make the best out of the camera but today, we are going to share some useful tips to make things easier.

For starters, most users find it hard on how to prevent the 60fps for Timelapse. Well, there is no right configuration for this and it is all up to the user. As such, we recommend the try and error method to seek the best visualization that will fit users’ needs.

To enter Timelapse mode, open up Menu and toggle to Settings. Then, seek the power-up mode option before selecting the photo every X second option. There, users will be greeted by a list which consists of 1,2,5,10,30 and 60. These numbers represents the seconds and they are tailored for different scenarios.

For example, if users select the 5 second option, it will snap a still image at every 5 second mark. If users select the 30 seconds option, it will snap images at the 30 seconds mark. To understand better, basic maths need to be applied. In a 10 minute video with Timelapse set a 1 seconds, you will see 1 image, multiplied by 60 seconds, multiplied by 10 minutes. This will result in 600 frames in total.

With that being said, users are recommended to go ahead and try out the Timelapse option to see the results for themselves. It is a useful tool to get creative with the videos recorded.


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