Google Pixel XL Earns As Much As iPhone 7 Plus

When Google first came into the smartphone industry, their main goal was to offer the Android community a smartphone that not only runs on the stock Android but is also more affordable. Well, it is clear that that is no longer their goal now as their new Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL is as expensive as the new Apple iPhone 7.

In fact, the price tag is not the only similarity the Google Pixel XL and the Apple iPhone 7 Plus has right now. According to IHS Markit, the Google Pixel XL manufacturing cost is about the same as the Apple iPhone 7 Plus which means Google will be earning as much as the Apple this time around.

It has been reported that the manufacturing cost of the Google Pixel XL is about $285.75. We still have to take into consideration all the R&D cost but Google is still getting a lot out of their new set of smartphones.

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