Google Pixel: The Cracks Are Appearing

The consumer’s response to the Google Pixel smartphones was very positive. The incredible hardware specs, paired with all the Google features as well as the great camera made the Google Pixel one of the most desired smartphones this year but not everything is perfect and some users are starting to point out some of the flaws that the device has.

It has been reported that the camera one the Google Pixel might not be as perfect as we believe. Some users have started uploading images taken with the Pixel smartphone and we can clearly see that the camera is not working like it should. Some images have gray blotches while other were covered in lines or had pink areas.

One user, Mike Fox, reported that he has returned the device to Google and has received a replacement unit but even the replacement unit had the same issue. Google has since stopped responding to complaints about the camera.

They are probably trying to figure things out now but most people believe that it has something to do with the hardware, not the software. Not everybody is experiencing the same issue so this might just be a bad batch.

Let’s hope Google comes out with an answer real soon.

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