Google Pixel & Pixel XL: The Dark Side

It seems like Google managed to impressed the Android community with their new Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphone. All we hear now is how impressive and how nice these new Google smartphones are but is it really that great.

While we do admit that it does come with a great list of specs, we think that all of that still does not justify why it had such a big price tag. The cheapest Pixel device that you will be able to get now is the Pixel 32GB model which cost about $649. That is as much as what an iPhone 7 with 32GB will cost you right now.

The fact that Google started their smartphone journey by offering some of the most reasonably priced smartphones made this whole jump to premium a little hard to shallow although we can’t say that we did not see it coming.

If they were going to ask for so much, it would make sense for them to actually offer the customers solid device. Despite the premium price tag, the Pixel, and Pixel XL device only comes with an IP53 certification which means you will want to stay away from any water source.

Do you think the Pixel and Pixel XL is really worth getting? Protection Status