Google Pixel: Hidden Features Behind The Glass Panel?

Nobody except for Google knows what is going on with the new Google Pixel smartphone right now but we do know that the new smartphone, manufactured by HTC will be coming with a glass panel in the back. So what is the purpose of this glass panel?

We know that it should be where the antenna is but some fans are saying that there might be more besides the antenna. Some fans seem to think that the glass panel might support some other new features like wireless charging, IRblaster or something else.

Of course, it could just be a design choice with no extra features but we are hoping that there is more to it especially after all the rumors and report that we have been hearing.

So far, all the rumors seems to suggest that the Pixel is not going to be worth the wait but we think that since Google is confident enough to stick their name on it this time, there should be more surprise in store.

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