Google Pixel: Battery Life Raises Doubts

The best way to experience what the new Pixel smartphone from Google is about is to get the Pixel XL but for those on a tighter budget, there is still the Pixel model but people are worried that since it comes with a much smaller battery, it will not last as long as they want.

Well, it seems like there is nothing to be worried about after all. While it might come with a smaller battery, a lot of users are saying that there are pretty impress with how long the device can actually last and that they are pretty happy with the battery life of the device.

Some of these users came from using the Nexus 6P to the Pixel and they still think it is impressive. Some people still feel that the screen is a little too small and that the device is a little pricey but battery does not seem to be their main concern right now.

The new Google Pixel comes with a 2770mAh battery pack.

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