Google Now vs Hound: The Possible Outcome

Hound is the newest sensation on the mobile as it offers a speech-based service that works just like Google Now. However, Hound is not as sophisticated as the latter.

If you are to check out the video above, you will see that Hound is best used to answer trivial questions. It does not offer a human-like interaction and it works based on command.

Hence, this confirms that Google Now is still the better choice in the world of smartphone. On the latest Google Now, one can interact with their smartphone like it is a human assistant. Imagine Jarvis from Iron Man but developed by Google instead of Tony Stark.

For us, we find Hound a great tool to own as it can solve a trivia quickly and efficiently. Perhaps, Google should take over Hound to improve on Google Now, just like how they did with Google Maps and Waze.

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