Google Nexus Sailfish Will Have Something We Won’t

If you are looking for more reasons to wait for the upcoming new HTC Nexus devices, here are some. We know that Google has already announced that their Nexus devices could be getting some exclusive features and it looks like Android Police might know what some of them are.

According to Android Police, Google is working on a few exclusive feature for their Nexus devices. One of the features that they think we would be seeing is the new Night Light feature which should work like the one on the Apple iPhone. They added that users will be able to set their own schedule for when they need the Night Light to be on and off or thy can set it so that it will follow the sunset and sunrise.

Another feature that they pointed out is the new double-tap gesture which will enable the ambient display mode.

We don’t know if these will be offered on all Android powered device or just the Nexus alone so we will have to wait and see.

Steven Estevez

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