Google Nexus Sailfish: The Love Child Of HTC 10 & Nexus 4

We have heard a lot of what the upcoming Google Nexus Sailfish is all about but we still have no clue about what the Sailfish will look like when it arrives.

A set if images of what many believe is the upcoming Google Nexus Sailfish has made their way online giving us a rough idea of what the new Google Nexus Sailfish could look like.

From what we can see, the new Nexus Sailfish seems to have borrowed its design from the new HTC 10. Since it will be built by HTC, the HTC 10 design similarity does not surprise us. What we were surprised to see was the glass back just like the Nexus 4. The glass panel along with the camera position and LED flash does remind us of the Nexus 4.

It is believed that the other Nexus device, the Marlin will also come with a similar design although the Nexus Marlin will most likely be sporting a larger display screen.

Steven Estevez

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