Google Nexus Sailfish & Marlin Won’t Be Taking A Step Forward

There was a time when the Nexus device actually came with wireless charging feature and then they decided to take it that away. Fans have been hoping that Google would bring it back once more but it looks like we won’t see it this time around.

While it is not a deciding factor, having a wireless charger does help makes things a lot easier for their users. Although fans have been asking for the feature to be offered once more, it does not look like the new HTC Nexus Sailfish and HTC Nexus Marlin will be offering it.

To be fair, there is not a whole lot of details about the 2016 Google Nexus devices right now but the wireless charging feature was never hinted at all. We personally won’t even mind it if it does not come with a wireless charging feature but will it be a deal breaker for those upgrading from the Nexus 5?

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