Google Nexus 6: Where To Buy?

Google might have improved on the Nexus brand through releasing the Nexus 6 but they failed have yet again failed to offer adequate supply of their prime device. In other words, the Google Nexus 6 is very limited in numbers and today, we are going to share the best places for you to buy the device.

The first way is through mobile carrier, O2, which is offering the 32GB midnight blue Google Nexus 6 for £479. On the downside of things, you will be put on a week-long wait before being able to get the Nexus 6.

Then, there is Carphone Warehouse. The retailer is offering the Nexus 6 for £499 SIM-free. However, like O2, Carphone Warehouse only has the 32GB midnight blue model. In fact, the same 32GB model midnight blue model can be purchased at GiffGaff for £499.

Of course, there is no better place to shop for the Google Nexus 6 than on Google Play Store. Then again, the smartphone is listed as unavailable at the moment but we can expect that to change in the coming week.

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