Google Nexus 6 Review: Where’s The Poop?

What is there not to like about the Google Nexus 6? The smartphone was released back in November last year and it came out to be the first ever device that runs on the latest Android 5.0 Lollipop OS. Furthermore, the Nexus 6 creates a new benchmark in performance and is built as a premium smartphone to own.

Today, we are going to search for the flaws with the Nexus 6 and it took quite a lot of time to finally see the bitterness that the smartphone has got to offer.

For starters, it is with the Nexus 6 rear camera. Throughout time, Nexus devices have failed miserably to offer the best photography experience on a smartphone. The Nexus 6 was thought to have changed that perception when it came out with a nice 13MP rear camera. The new snapper is able to capture nice photos in low light condition but if flash is utilized, the photos look bleached.

The second issue is with the screen size. It might sound like a cliché when Google announced that the Nexus 6 will come with a huge 6” screen but everyone seem to like the idea of a large Nexus smartphone. The precisely 5.95” display on the Nexus 6 does look spectacular and sharp but the curse is that users can’t operate the device with one hand. At least Samsung offered a screen shrink feature for their phablets to allow one handed usage.

The third and final major issue is with the smart face unlock feature. Such a thing was a trend back in the laptop days when HP introduced this security unlock feature. However, at often times, the front camera simply can’t detect the face of the Nexus 6 owner. Something clearly has to be done about this.

Now that the flaws are up in the air, the Nexus 6 don’t sound too perfect at all. Then again, we are not saying that the Nexus 6 is bad. The smartphone is truly a great device to won but it is wrong to perceive it as perfect.