Google Nexus 6 Major Flaws: Cameras & Keyboards

Late last year, Google launched the all-new Nexus 6 and it defied everyone’s expectation. This is because Google developed the Nexus 6 to become a premium smartphone and this explains why the device cost so much more than the old Nexus 5.

As great as the Nexus 6 is, the device is not flawless and there are some issues with it. For starters, the dual-LED flash on the Google Nexus 6 takes too long to focus and snap a photo. Also, when a photo is taken with flash, the image taken will appear washed out or bleached.

On the bright side of things, the camera issue is only limited to low-light captures as the Nexus 6 performs well when in well-lighted areas.

The second major problem with the Nexus 6 is with the keyboard. With a screen size of 5.95”, it is never easy to type on the Nexus 6 with one hand. Google should have seen this coming and offer users a software tweak that will shrink the screen size but that has failed to happen.

Regardless of the issues with the Nexus 6, the device certainly showed progress in the sense that it offers a top-notch performance that can rival the likes of the Samsung S-Series and also the Apple iPhones. Then again, more is needed if the Google intends to become the number 1 brand in the industry.

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