Google Nexus 6: Looking At The Bad Side Of Things

Google has launched the all-new Nexus 6 smartphone and it is truly a powerful device. On the other hand, the Nexus 6 is not in any way flawless. While the issues with the Nexus 6 are not much, here are some of them which users need to be aware of.

The first is with its camera. Throughout the course of history, Google has yet to launch a Nexus device with powerful photography mechanism. The Nexus 6 is no different even when it comes with an improved 13MP f/2 lens. The issue here is that the camera is sluggish in performance. Also, snapping with the LED flash will result in a washed image.

The second major problem is with the Nexus 6 size. Being classified as a phablet, the Nexus 6 deserves to be huge in size. However, it could have been slimmer. Take the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for example. The latter is huge by so slim that it is easy to hold. The Nexus 6, on the other hand, is pretty muscular thus, making it difficult to hold onto.

The third problem comes in conjunction with the size of the Nexus 6. Apparently, the device lacked some tweaks that can make it possible for one-handed usage. This is something that is practiced by the latest Note 4 and even the Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Being a game changer, Google should have added the feature to the Nexus 6.

At the moment, these are the only uncovered issues for the Nexus 6. We are still exploring the device so you can anticipate an update coming to this post in the near future. So stay tune while we uncover the flaws for you.