Google Nexus 6 Is Not Popular At All

Back in November last year, Google launched the all-new Nexus 6 and it is truly a wonderful device to own. However, it seems that the Nexus 6 is a huge flop in terms of sales and this is partly due to its high price tag.

Google revealed earlier today that sales of the Nexus 6 has failed to live up to their expectations. In detail, the Nexus 6 failed to sell more or even faster than the old Google Nexus 5.

The tech giant is aware that this is due to the huge price tag on the Nexus 6. The latest smartphone from Google came out with a launching price of $649. This is almost double the $399 price tag on the previous Nexus 5.

Google wanted to turn the Nexus 6 into a hot premium device but it didn’t take long for the masses to completely forget about it. This is because of the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 which came out to be one of the hottest smartphones in history and it makes the Nexus 6 looks like crap.

Of course, Google will want to respond from this loss and hope to do so with the upcoming Nexus smartphone. It is unclear what the future device has in store for the consumers but word has it that it will be based on the Nexus 5. If so, will it make it or break it?

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