Google Nexus 5X Will Be The Last Of Its Kind

When Google first released the Google Nexus 4, they made it clear that their goal was to offer the consumers with a smartphone that is better than an average smartphone and way cheaper than the premium smartphones in the market.

The strategy worked because it filled in the gap but it looks like Google wants to change their goal now. Instead of focusing on releasing great mid-range smartphones with an affordable price tag, it looks like they are now going to start working on premium smartphones that will most likely have a price tag that matches the other premium models in the market.

They experimented with it when they release the 6P last year and now it looks like they are going to ditch the affordable plan and go full-on premium. If that is the case, the Nexus 5X should be the last affordable smartphone we see from Google.

We know that Google is working on two smartphones this year called the Sailfish and Marlin. Both devices will be manufactured by HTC this year.

Steven Estevez

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