Google Nexus 5X: What Went Wrong?

The Google Nexus 5X definitely did not do as well as Google had expected it to. After the successful Google Nexus 5, the 5X was a huge let down. So what went wrong?

Well, one of the biggest issue that people seem to have with the Google Nexus 5X is its display screen size. The Nexus went from just right to a tad too big. Many consumers said that the 5inch display on the Nexus 5 was the right size and that Google messed up when they device to release the Nexus 5X with a 5.2inch display screen. The fans also said the same thing about the Nexus 6P model with many of them finding the 5.7inch display screen a bit too big.

Fans were also not too pleased when Google announce that they were not going to offer their Google Nexus 5X with a wireless charging feature but we could also understand why Google did not.

To keep up with the design trend, Google decided to go full metal for the 5X and because of that, they had to sacrifice the wireless charging.

Will thing be any better this year when they release the Pixel devices?

Steven Estevez

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