Google Nexus 5X: What Went Wrong?

The Nexus 5X was supposed to be the one that will come in and convince the Nexus 4 users to upgrade their device. Fans were looking forward to seeing what the affordable Nexus was going to offer but Google failed them.

There are more than one reason why the Google Nexus 5X did not work out for Google but a lot of fans think that it all started when Google decided to ditch Motorola and got LG to build the Google Nexus 5X.

The fans were so put off by the Nexus 5X that they would not even pick it up even after a huge discount. That’s is when you know you messed it up.

There were a lot of reports about the device lagging and the camera not working. Then there was the boot looping issue that experienced by the other LG smartphone users as well. All of that together was enough to take the Nexus 5X down. Protection Status