Google Nexus 5X: Should You Root It?

There are certain benefits that come by rooting your device, but that means you won’t be receiving any of the latest updates there is to come. Of course, you can always unroot it, get the update and root it back again but it is just an extra step that you will need to do every now and then. So should you root the Google Nexus 5X?

Well, some users said that they would root the device but only when they are sure the software they are on is the most stable one and that the next update will probably be far away.

Other users recommend only unlocking the bootloader and leave it that way. That means you will not be rooting the device but having the Bootloader unlocked. At least, you can wipe all your data now so that you won’t have to wipe it all later when you decide to root it.

So what does rooting offer you? Well, it gives you more freedom with your Nexus 5X. Some users also said that they are able to make the battery last longer after rebooting.

So would you reboot your Google Nexus 5X?

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