Google Leaves Pixel XL Buyers Stranded

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 now out of the picture, Google is getting all the attention they need. Soon after listing their new Google Pixel and Pixel XL smartphone on their Google Store, the blue version sold out and now, it looks like you won’t be able to get the Google Pixel XL device from the Google Store for the time being.

If you check the Google Store right now, it will tell you that all variants of the Google Pixel XL have been sold off which means you might have to wait for a few weeks before you can order yourself a new Google Pixel XL device.

Of course, if you don’t plan to root your device and is interested in becoming a Verizon customer, you can still get the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL smartphone from them as all versions of the smartphone is still available.

Google have already announced that all Pixel update will arrive at the same time regardless of where you get it from so you won’t be losing out even if you get the Verizon variant.

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